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Luoyang Glass Company Limited (the ¡°Company¡±), with China Luoyang Float Glass Group Company Limited.(the ¡°Group¡±) as the promoter, was established on April 6th, 1994. Former of the Group was Luoyang Glass Factory, established in 1956, which was one of 156 National Key Projects during the China¡¯s First Five-Year Plan. Luoyang Float Glass Group is the birthplace of China¡¯s first float glass production line in 1971 which was nominated as "Luoyang Float Glass Process" by Science & Technology Commission in 1981.It is one of the 3 float
glass processes in the world besides Pilkington Group Limited UK and PPG Industries USA. The Company¡¯s H shares were listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 8 1994, and it¡¯s A shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 31 1995. It became the first company in the Building Material Industry and in Henan Province who has listed abroad. On April 2 2007, China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd. strategic restructured with China National Building Material Corporation (Central Enterprises) who became the actual controller. With various competitive advantages, China National Building Material Corporation will bring valuable opportunities for the development of the Group.
The Company has more than 4000 employees and assets of 2.19 billion Yuan. It is a well-known float glass manufacture in China. Its business scope mainly covers production, sales, and technical service of float glass, with an annual production capacity of 26 million standard cases. Products include clear, blue, brown, grey, and green float glass and on-line coating glass. The company has high competitive advantages in rich product categories and high quality, and thickness of glass ranges from 0.55 to 25mm and maximum size is 4000mm¡Á12000mm. It owns intellectual property rights of float glass production technology, and takes a leading place in ultra-thin and ultra-thick float glass production. The company passed the quality system certification in 1997. It is market oriented and customer focused, and provides full range of services. Products are sold worldwide including European and American countries, and it takes a large market share and customers satisfaction in China. The company has achieved ¡°Silver Medal of National Float Glass Quality Award¡±, ¡°Golden Medal of High Quality Products Exhibition 1992¡±, ¡°Golden Medal of the 5th Asia-Pacific International Trade Exhibition 1994¡±, ¡°National Consumer Trustworthy Product¡± Award, ¡°Quality-benefit Oriented Enterprises¡±, and ¡°China Famous Product¡± and other awards.